To best maintain a fun, constant & reliable role that suit your personal schedule. Each department has separate but important volunteer roles to challenge the stigma of mental health. Either you want to help from the comfort of your home or exhibit with us at conventions, we would love to have you!
The Volunteer Coordination Team plays a key role in communicating, motivating, and cultivating a positive space for all our volunteers. They are responsible for recruiting volunteers by matching the skills, experiences, and expectations of volunteers to available positions, as well as assist with the planning and development of events.
HR/ Volunteer Coordinator
  • Keep volunteer opportunities up to date based on the needs of the organization using our recruiting platforms
  • Ensure volunteer opportunities will benefit and provide a meaningful experience for volunteers.
  • In coordination with Marketing, develop a communication strategy to publicize opportunities, recruit volunteers, and share stories of impact through the development of the monthly volunteer newsletter and social media posts.
  • Process volunteer applications/sign-ups and work with the Senpais on the hiring.
  • Organize and provide orientations with introductions and training to the volunteers
  • Develop and update volunteer policies and procedures.
  • Provide ongoing education and guidance to volunteers regarding policies and procedures, along with topics related to volunteer duties.
  • Keep detailed records of volunteers' information and assignments up to date in our database.
  • Support volunteers through consistent communication and collecting feedback using virtual networks, online platforms, and 1on1 meetings.
  • Address volunteer challenges or complaints.
  • Track the virtual office volunteer hours.
  • Build connections among volunteers to encourage collaboration, mentorship, and growth.
  • Acknowledge and thank volunteers in creative and innovative ways.
  • Other duties as required
Grant Writer
  • The Grant Writer is responsible for “start to finish” development, coordination, and submission of multiple custom grant applications and proposals. This includes writing executive summaries, budgets, budget narratives, timelines/charts, project schedules, project scope of work, application narrative, letters of support, required forms, etc
  • Manages timelines and the overall progression of submission to ensure the on-time completion/submission of high quality, responsive, and compliant proposal applications
  • Prepares and compiles all components of each grant submission and ensure that the proposal is formatted, organized, and submitted in accordance with established requirements
  • Facilitates successful grant applications for each agency client and facilitates opportunities for funded collaboration among the agency clients.
  • Creates and maintains professional relationships with client partners; communicates and responds appropriately to meet business needs and objectives
  • Understands the goals and funding priorities of the sponsor, evaluates program content and requirements of the funding opportunity, and develops a proposal strategy and course of action
  • Assembles/writes persuasive content for executive summaries, background sections, preliminary studies, research plans, scientific deliverables, charts/project schedule, facilities and organizational resources, and evaluation plans
  • Provides guidance and leadership by evaluating and making suggestions for improvements in the written funding proposal as needed
Project Manager
  • Develop a project plan
  • Manage deliverables according to the plan
  • Lead and manage the project team
  • Determine the methodology used on the project
  • Establish a project schedule and determine each phase
  • Assign tasks to project team members
  • Provide regular updates to upper management
  • Contributing to overall project objectives
  • Completing individual deliverables
  • Provide expertise and support to the Project Manager
  • Ability to manage and perform multiple tasks at the same time;
  • Work with the teams to establish and meet project needs
  • Document the process